About Us

We are the 1989 graduating class of Command Secondary School (CSSKD) Kaduna.

Our pioneer president Mr. John Okoye created a Whatsapp group forum on the 30th October 2015 purely for social interactions. It has remained our daily point of Interaction to date. Some meetings were held in 2016 to discuss modalities for an alumni and eventually the Command Kaduna class of 1989 alumni foundation was formed.

We are a non-profit and non-political foundation with a registered office in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Aims & Objectives

  • Provide a forum for the Graduating Class of 1989 old students of Command Secondary School Kaduna to come together for mutual support, collaboration and benefit.
  • Foster unity amongst members by giving assistance to one another.
  • Raise funds for the Foundation’s activities as required.
  • Provide support for the alma mater – Command Secondary School Kaduna by promoting a positive image including but not limited to rendering moral and financial contributions as the foundation deems appropriate and within its means.
  • Support the national body of Command Secondary School Kaduna Old Students Association.
  • Consider any other matter(s) the executive council or general body might consider necessary for the achievement of the above aims and objectives.

The foundation management structure is made up of an elected board of trustees (BoT) providing oversight to an elected Executive Committee (ExCo) which caries out the day-to-day administration of the foundation.

The foundation is bound by a constitution that can be viewed here – 89Foundation Constitution  

For more inclusive administration, the ExCo created standing and AdHoc committees which have clear terms of reference with an overarching responsibility to assist the ExCo and BoT achieve the foundation’s aims and objectives.

These standing and AdHoc committees include

  • Welfare committee
  • Project committee
  • Fund-raising committee
  • Special intervention committee (SiTeam)

The foundation also has a registered Co-operative Society for eligible members.

The detailed Management structure is shown below

Current Foundation’s board of Trustees (BoT)

  • Mr. Victor Enebeli
  • Mrs. Ameze Iyere
  • Dr. Bukola Kolawole
  • Mrs. Saratu Momoh
  • Mr. John Okoye

Executive Committee (ExCo) Members

  • President: Mr. Ismaila Mohammed
  • Vice President: Mrs. Jacqueline Jenson-Fruciano
  • Financial Secretary: Mrs. Susan Olusola Adeh
  • Secretary General: Mr. Adebola Ogunkoya
  • Public Relations Officer (PRO): Mr. Muyiwa Aluko

Founding Board & ExCo Members (2017 to 2019)

Foundation’s Founding board of Trustees (BoT)

    • Mr. Victor Enebeli
    • Mrs. Bilkisu Mohammed
    • Dr. Bukola Kolawole

Foundation’s Founding Executive Committee (ExCo) Members (2017 to 2019)

    • President: Mr. John Okoye
    • Vice President: Mrs. Dolapo Ibrahim
    • Financial Secretary: Mrs. Iyazara Mohammed
    • Secretary General: Mr. Nuhu Mazai
    • Public Relations Officer: Mr. Bolaji Jubril