Special Intervention (SI)

Matching sponsors to recipients – Recipient independence from sponsors
“Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day – Teach him to fish, you feed him for many days.”

Special Intervention Team aims to encourage sponsors to support fellow 89ners requiring special interventions by matching sponsorships to recipients with the goal of making recipients self-sufficient.

Are you able and willing to act as a sponsor to a fellow 89ner? Can you sponsor the need of a fallen 89ner’s family? Would you like to give to an individual cause via the SiTEAM? Would you require some assistance? Have you applied for a loan via the welfare team? If yes, was your application unsuccessful? If yes, was your application made in the last 24 months?
If yes, to the questions above, please click on the link below and complete the Sponsorship form letting us know how or where you can assist. Once we have a match, we would feed back. Your support however modest would go a long way, be it sponsoring a one-off project or regularly. Every naira counts. If yes, to questions above and interested please click on the link below and complete the Recipient form. Following a sponsor match and SiTEAM review, the team would feedback on your application.
Please Fill Sponsorship Form Here Please fill Recipient Form Here
Terms & Conditions
  • Sponsorship support includes but is not limited to just financial support e.g. providing apprenticeship, cross-training can also act as sponsorship elements.
  •  SiTEAM decides on allocation of sponsorships to recipients. An only exception would be where a sponsor via the SiTEAM, specifically requests their sponsorship directed to a targeted recipient’s project or requirement. In such cases SiTEAM would have no option but to honor the sponsor’s request.
  • Sponsors can contribute partly/wholly to a recipient(s) projects or requirements and can choose to indicate repayment terms and conditions.
  • Sponsors amount given may not match recipient’s full projects or requirements.
  • Sponsors would be informed on progress of recipient’s project or requirements to which their sponsorship has been offered.
  • Sponsors can choose to be anonymous or known to the recipients.
  • Recipients must repay all monies in full. 
  • Recipients must have a due paying 89ner to stand as a guarantor.
  • Application may be made but funds would only be granted as available in sponsorship reserves and following a successful application.
  • For successful recipients, only one application can be made within two years which must be repaid in full.
  • Recipients should be prepared to give progress reports on the funds provided.
  • If applied previously via Welfare team, SiTeam would liaise with the Welfare team prior to making final decision.
  • SiTeam has the right to refuse an application that has been approved and successful as via the Welfare Team within the last 24 months.
  • Application(s) may be accepted partly, wholly or declined for one or a several reasons.
  • At the discretion of the SiTEAM, funds to recipients may incur interest.
  • SiTeam is purely a Project-specific intervention team not limited to just due-paying members. It however does not negate the
Contact, Queries, Enquires * comkad89+SITeam@gmail.com A/c: | Access Bank | 0816223592 | Ref: SITEAM-NAME (eg. SITEAM-Buhari)
SiTeam Members: |    Mrs. Ameze Iyere    |    Mr. Peter Joel   |    Mr. Philip Okwara   |    Mr. Nuhu Mazai     |   Mrs. Bolanle Ekeh